Shilpashala means artist’s studio or artgallery in Sanskrit. This page is meant to be a virtual artgallery to exhibit personal artwork, as well as to inform about timeschdule of the Yoga courses.

Enjoy! Om namaḥ Śivāya!


Daniel Winkler                                                   Daniel Winkler

has been living in Berlin since 1999.

since 2010
teaches yoga in Berlin.
freelance assistent at the studio of Anthony Cragg, Wuppertal.
finished the Advanced-Yoga-Teacher-Training-Course(‘Yoga Śiromaṇi’) at the Integral Yoga-Ayurveda Institute Berlin.
since 2005
works as a sculptor and makes drawings.
studied art at the Universität der Künste Berlin – Sculpting Class of Anthony Cragg.
finished the Yoga-Teacher-Training-Course(‘Yoga Retna’) at the Integral Yoga-Ayurveda Institute Berlin.
since 2001
continues to study Sanskrit and Yoga with Śri. Śivan Namboothiri at the Integral Yoga-Ayurveda Institute, Berlin

with emphasis on Vedanta, Raja- and Bhaktiyoga in the tradition of Śri Śaṅkara Ācharya.
studied Indology at the Freie Universität Berlin. Basic Sanskrit, Yogaphilosophy and the Rajayogasutras of Patanjali.